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Find the right helicopter for every need! From executive charters to heavy lifting, call Helicopters Over Wichita for FREE quotes today!


Looking for complete Helicopter Services in Wichita, Kansas?

At Helicopters Over Wichita, our affiliate pilots are experienced in all facets of helicopter flying including film, photography, lifting, surveys and charters. Call Helicopters Over Wichita at 1-855-445-8965 today for a FREE quote!


Whether you need a helicopter to speed up your journey, transfer staff to a job site, treat VIP guests or arrive at a special event in style, Helicopters Over Wichita can arrange a private helicopter charter for nearly any purpose in order to suit your needs. Helicopters Over Wichita helicopter flights accommodate up to six passengers and a custom charter is easier to arrange than you may think! Call Helicopters Over Wichita at 1-855-445-8965 and charter a helicopter in Wichita today!


If you need to capture that perfect shot from the air, Helicopters Over Wichita offers a premium helicopter charter service in Wichita with the most competitive pricing available. Commercial photographers and videographers regularly use Helicopters Over Wichita services as our extensive affiliate fleet means we often have resources available at short notice. Opportunities in the Wichita area include real estate, tourism, nature and special event photography and videography.


Helicopters Over Wichita takes Aerial Crane and Helicopter Lifting very seriously. This is not just a sideline hobby; it is a large part of our business. Because of this, Helicopters Over Wichita has some of the best precision aerial crane pilots in our affiliate network. Helicopters Over Wichita has arranged aerial lifting operations for many of the largest mining, oil & gas, utility, and salvage companies in Kansas as well as serving crane companies as a cost effective lifting solution.

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